Key interaction between the interested parties.
We will interact with companies, their employees, and our reward partners. To facilitate interactions and separate functionalities for each one, we will have an energy (BUZZ) system combined with our token ($HONEY):

BUZZ System

First, companies buy $HONEY to access the Colmeia SaaS platform (we also have a fiat subscription).
The platform allows the company to create its own custom token and set up the incentive program. The company chooses which actions it wants to reward (such as proactivity, promoting values, or meeting objectives) and which rewards it wants to offer in its private marketplace (such as extra days off or internal training). Our automated, gamified system takes care of everything else.
The custom token that each company creates works like a power system in which employees receive tokens for every action they take.
So employees, with this company's BUZZ token, can:
  • Hold it to participate in their company's decision-making on work-related issues, such as in a DAO.
  • Redeem it for your company's marketplace rewards.
  • Redeem it for our Colmeia $HONEY token.

$HONEY System

Our $HONEY token has different utilities depending on the types of users. Thus, we create a circular ecosystem in which the token is used and has value for all the parties that interact with the protocol.

Client companies have to buy it for:

  • Access the platform and its integrations
  • Access extra features and personalized attention
  • Access our community and exclusive Web3 business content

Employees of client companies

They can exchange the buzz generated by their company for our token or purchase it in addition for:
  • Gain liquidity and be able to exchange it for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy additional exclusive rewards in our Colmeia marketplace
  • Access the community and exclusive content too.

Reward Provider Partners

They receive it as a payment method for the rewards that they add to our marketplace. They can use it to buy other rewards, trade it, or hold it to access our community and content.

And More...

Furthermore, any user can purchase $HONEY to gain access to our marketplace of rewards and unique content. We will provide products and services with special benefits that can only be obtained through our token.