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Core Team

Marina Teixidor, founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur specialized in business, marketing and communication on the Web3. With +8 years of experience in marketing and communication and 5 years being a full-time entrepreneur (3 startups, 7 accelerator programs, 6 recognitions). She is creativity and innovation passionate, that’s why she fell in love with the Web3 world as soon as she discovered it, and since then she has founded two crypto startups, is part of several DAOs, is a collaborating professor of the master's degree in Web3 and business of Founderz and Binance, and a Web3 content creator with the aim of making Web3 more accessible.
Chelsea Kovacs, marketing & communication
Graduated in marketing and advertising, and specialized in the digital area with a master’s degree in digital marketing and e-commerce. She has done an internship in the company Montecolino S.L, in the marketing department, and also gives support in the commercial area. Currently, she is responsible for the marketing area, in addition to managing social networks and collaborating in the management of some public relations functions (content creation and organization of social events). In addition to these functions, she brings to the project other aspects such as creativity, organization and initiative.
Miguel Ferrer, business developer
International Businesses + Marketing student (4th year) more precisely focused on the sales and financial area of companies. Currently trying to aid Colmeia in reaching its two main objetives; Investment round for the year 2023 as well as reaching the targeted sales revenue. Being a creative analytical person we believe he can constantly bring a different perspective to the table. Previous experience in the hostelry sector makes him cherish relations with the public and handle day to day communication with ease in different languages. We truly believe he can help this project grow not only in the spanish market but moving forward expanding to foreign markets.

Tutellus Squad

Rodrigo Gomez
I initially pursued a career in architecture, and completed my degree in Mexico. However, I soon realized that it was not the career path I wanted to pursue, as my interests and curiosity were more aligned with the digital world. I then took the initiative to educate myself on various digital marketing techniques, e-commerce strategies, and social media growth. I gained hands-on experience by creating websites and selling products online using platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. Through this experience, I developed a strong understanding of social media growth, ad creation and management of digital businesses. Additionally, I discovered the potential of web3 in 2017 and have since gained experience in trading and NFTs, even creating my own collections. To sum up, my profile is that of a digital marketer with experience in business development. Currently studying for a masters degree in digital marketing at ESIC University in Barcelona.
Carlos Castellanos
Graduated in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has expanded his training as a computer engineer with the Tutellus tokenization bootcamp, the master in blockchain and business at Founderz and several courses in no-code, ruby on rails and web application development. He currently works as a ruby on rails developer at Opensistemas consulting firm. In addition to his position as a developer, he is a professor at the University Antonio de Nebrija, tutor of fourth year, responsible for internships and coordinator of the general content area of engineering and business. He has previously worked as a developer for companies such as Accenture or Bizzpils.
Adrián Pradilla
Graduated in Computer Engineering from the Antonio de Nebrija University, he has expanded his training as a computer engineer with the IIA Executive Master in Artificial Intelligence, Tutellus Tokenization Bootcamp, as well as a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Advertising from the Antonio de Nebrija University. He is currently Head of IT at the Open Sistemas consultancy. Previously, he was involved in the open source application Gobierto, which allows public administrations and other entities to launch transparency and participation initiatives. He was also responsible for programming and IT at ideas4all, SAAS for open innovation to transform organizations by innovating (Banco Santander, Nestlé, Mutua Madrileña, etc.) and contributed to projects at FREMAP, UNED, IBM or 20minutos. From the point of view of his teaching activity, he has taught at the Antonio de Nebrija University as well as at the Department of Education of Valencia, among others.
David Mira
Advanced Technician in Computer Systems Network Administration from Institut Obert de Catalunya and CIP FP Batoi de Alcoy. Professional Specialist in Real Estate Studies, Title from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Tutellus Bootcamps DeFi 21 and Tokenization 25.
Luis Lozano
Graduated in Economics with more than 20 years of experience in Financial insdustry . Having developed the role of Operations Head within Asset Management Companies leading Valuation, Investment Operations, Regulatory Reporting teams among others and building strategical projects for business development. Passionate of blockchain and DEFI ecosystems.

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