Working as a Family

Retaining and motivating their teams is vital for any successful business. We all know that. But traditional methods such as bonuses are not enough anymore. We need to promote belonging and purpose, and share the value, to create engaged and compromised communities around businesses. And tokenization allows us to take that to the next level.

Colmeia is a team loyalty SaaS based on digital assets.

So we allow businesses to share real value with their employees in a transparent, community-driven, and gamified way.
How? By creating their own personalized tokens (in an easy, no-code way) and configuring the incentive program on our platform, companies can easily reward their team members with their own companies'company's digital assets for their valuable actions. With blockchain technology at its core, we offer a new level of transparency, ownership, and liquidity for businesses looking to retain top talent.
And because of being a SaaS, we democratize access to blockchain so this technology will be no more only for large companies and budgets.

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